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Anyone can book time slots in the arena for $20 per 45 minutes or $15 per hour for the outdoor riding area. This is available anywhere from 9am to 7pm, any day of the week. 

Ground Skills with Melonie
Melonie will provide ground training, including the option of adding obstacles, and will help prepare you for Extreme Cowboy Alberta, CCC, or to be ready for any of your clinics, events, and lessons with a trainer. 

Hauling with Melonie
Melonie provides a hauling service starting at $75 for one horse, $120 for two horses, and $150 for three horses, provided the location is within 50km. If the location is further than 50km, there is an added fee of $0.4/km. These prices do not include the cost for fuel.

All prices GST inclusive.

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