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Our 10 x 10 ft. stalls are all rubber matted and consistently maintained, provided with clean bedding, water, and salt. During winter months, the barn is kept warm by a glycol heating system. All horses are checked on and fed twice daily with access to water at all times. Large, high quality bales are given to the horses fed outdoors and smaller but superior quality bales are given to those indoors. Hay nets are available to all and the well-sized outdoor paddocks each have a sturdy shelter for protection. All boarders have single, duo, and multi horse options. Lastly, boarders with horses indoors receive a full size tack locker, suitable for up to 3 saddles and includes a top shelf for blankets. The outside-only horse boarders are offered a half-size locker, fitting up to two saddles. Please note blankets are not provided by the facility.

Corona Board and Ride Deal

With this service, these horses are offered boarding in either size or capacity (duo or multi horse) of the outdoor paddocks and can have day use of any one of our 12 stalls while you are on the premises and ensure to clean it for the next rider. 

Indoor Stall (Full Service)

Featuring an outdoor paddock of great size, these horses are offered a blanketing service prior to turnout, a choice of coarse or fine blend shavings, and access to beet pulp, mineral, and step 4 and 8 pellets.

Indoor Stall (Turnout Only)

With a smaller but still sizeable outdoor paddock, these horses are turned out without blankets and are given fine blend shavings, as well as access to beet pulp, minerals, and step 4 pellets.

Outside Paddock

These horses are kept in an outdoor paddock at all times. An oat hay mix can be requested as needed during the winter months and extra services such as that provided to indoor horses are available for $150 per month.

All prices GST inclusive.

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